Web design and development - studio "Amaters-Proffi"

Website development - quickly, inexpensively and professionally.

Amaters-Proffi web-studio. Design and layout of sites.

site design - studio A-proffi

site design - studio A-proffi

site design - studio A-proffi

Web-studio "Amaters-Proffi" creates the original design and site layout, based on the block models and CSS 2. We use latest techniques and follow proper steps to design a site for our customers did not have any further problems.

You've started your own business but the Internet community is not familiar with the products or services you are offering? There is absolutely no need to spend a huge amount of money for a corporate site or portal development. Ten-fifteen pages will be quite enough for your customers to find you.

What we offer is to create a site - your online business card - which will state clearly what kind of business you have, where it is located and how to contact you. The package “Unique design” is ideally suitable for cafes, shops, beauty parlours, service companies and as personal homepages for politicians, doctors, actors or for anyone who finds himself interesting and creative.

Package "unique design" - is an individual and unique design, easy navigation through the site, feedback form, counter attendance and optimized images.

Cost of the package "unique design" - $ 199. Delivery deadline - no more than 1 month.

Package "Template" costs only $ 20.

If you order us to develop the site, you get the original design, without unnecessary graphics, pages with a comfortable and sophisticated navigation, with the primary optimized for indexing by search robots. We make sites based on the best block models and CSS2.

Our websites look stylish and the most suitable to customer needs. Thanks to the use of external cascading style sheets you get the opportunity to quickly and easily edit the entire site. With our sites you will save bandwidth and disk space.

Our experts initially (still in the planning stage) produce Site preparation for Yandex, Google, Yahoo and other search engines and optimize for readability text.

Many non-professional Web designers use in their work Javascript - menu, Flash - navigation and other fancy effects. This approach, of course, make the page more beautiful, but search engines do not appreciate, and visitors who are disabled in your browser application Javascript and flash, can not fully work with the web site.

Many web developers can not resist the temptation to load the site beautiful graphics. The size of the pictures, artistic elements and other graphic files that are to be included in a website design should be small enough to make their loading easy for the website's visitors. A web page should load within eight seconds or less. Achieving this time is impossible for pages with big graphic files, even more if there is more than one on a page.

Designers studio "Amaters-Proffi" try to take into account all the nuances. We doing the right sites.

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